“People in our community sending care packages to people from our community serving overseas in the U.S. Military.”

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Established in 2004, SW Community Troop Support sends Care Packages to military personnel serving overseas as a way to lift morale and put smiles on the faces of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines deployed in harm’s way.


Our care packages contain items from our troops’ own “Wish List” which includes food, hygiene products, entertainment items and personal letters of appreciation, all wrapped with good wishes of love and support from our community.

We provide the community a way to express their respect and appreciation to the men and women of the U.S. Military in an important, hands-on way.



We complete our mission through Donation Drives, Letter Writing Campaigns from local school children, and our “Yellow Ribbon Motorcycle Poker Run”, which raises funds for shipping expenses.

Tens of thousands of American Service Members are deployed in hostile and remote regions of the world, including the Middle East, Afghanistan, and on ships throughout international waters. The physical conditions they must endure are difficult and they may be separated from loved ones for long periods of time.


Our Care Packages provide a brief respite from the stress, danger and loneliness of their deployment and are sent to recipients whose names have been submitted by people living or working in our local communities.  Members of any branch of the military serving overseas during the Christmas Season are eligible to receive our special packages, with priorities given to those in isolated situations or located in harsh, war zones.


SW Community Troop Support is fully recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, qualifying all donations made to our organization to be tax-deductible under EIN #30-0502810.  As of 10/27/2015, SWCTS is no longer accepting donations and is dissolving.

We would encourage people to visit the site at www.operationgratitude.com for continued contributions in supporting our troops overseas !!


SW Community Troop Support has always been sustained by the genuine care and generosity shown by the local communities and we continue to grow to include more volunteers and community networks.